The Klaren Technology uses low energy electrons in a vacuum under certain conditions to provide high levels of surface sterilization.  There are many benefits to using electrons in this way, such as, they can be produced with very low energy, such as from a solar panel or battery, they have a very quick killing effect, on the order of seconds to a few minutes, and they are very effective at killing.  Additionally, the Klaren Technology has very low infrastructure needs because it does not produce any toxic chemicals, does not produce any harmful rays, and so does not need special shielding, and does not need any water hookups.

The Klaren Technology would fit in the category of irradiation sterilization technologies, however, the other forms of irradiation technologies, such a X-ray, high energy electrons, and gamma irradiators, use very very high energies, such 100-1000 fold greater than used by the Klaren Technology.  Because these very high energies are used, these types of devices and the energy they produce is very damaging not only to the things being sterilized, but also to bystanders if improper shielding or malfunctions take place.  Everyone knows intuitively how dangerous radioactive sources, such as those that produce gamma irradiation are if mishandled.  On the other hand, the Klaren Technology produces less irradiation than a typical tube TV, which has been around for more than 50 years.

Klaren made the discovery that low energy electrons under the appropriate conditions could have sterilizing effects on surfaces, after being challenged by a neurosurgery group to find an alternative sterilization technology which would be able to provide sterilization in times short enough to be useful during a surgery, so that medical instruments and implants, such as screws etc. could be sterilized during a surgery if they were dropped.